Bitrus Micah Layopeh

Welcome to Gifted Hand

I am Bitrus Micah Layopeh I am born and brought up in typical rural settings in Kaltungo in Nigeria West Africa where my parents practice subsistence farming to raise me and siblings.

I am season teacher who has strong passion for teaching and mentoring the young ones in Chemistry, Epidemiology/Biostatistics, community development and professional writing.

I was raised and brought up as a scientist but I have a strong passion for reading and writing which led me write my first historical fiction The Negro Runaway Slave a sensational story of teenagers captured in a remote village of Kaltungo in Nigeria through perpetrated hostilities of tribal and communal clashes. Sold into slavery and taken to the United States of America where they struggled to survived the oppression of slavery against all odds. Battered and demoralized by the brutalities and injustices involved in slavery they yearn to be free from its clutches. Motivated by their strong faith to be free they ran away to freedom in America, but finally discovered that true freedom meant nothing than taking the risk of returning back to Kaltungo and reuniting with their loved ones who they learn were still alive!   The novel will be online soon.

I am also currently working on other fictional short stories coming out soon!